Effective Dental Internet Marketing in 3 Simple Steps

Effective Dental Internet Marketing in 3 Simple Steps


It is no secret. Today more than ever, people use the internet to research and discover almost everything and anything. You Google, I Google and those seeking dental related services Google.

A dental office or practice that desires business growth must get found by probable dental patients where they pursuit their services. When they have a tooth ache or need dental related service providers such as oral surgeons, general or cosmetic dentistry, braces for their children etc. they search online.

How to Get New Dental Patients to Grow a Dental Practice in 3 Steps

Step 1

Get Found Online

Having an optimized local internet marketing strategy so when someone from the office’s local service area uses Google or any other popular local search engine their office listing appears.

The internet has become extremely local. It is no longer necessary to add a location when conducting a search on Google and other major search engines. Search engines know where the searcher is located and provides search results based on locality.

There are over 200 different search ranking factors that Google and others use to determine which dental practice or office is going displayed. By implementing ongoing strategic Dental SEO best practices a practice can enjoy top search rankings that target their ideal patient.

Step 2

Make a Great Online First Impression

Getting found online is critical. But when a prospective patients clicks on a website link on Google’s search results page and lands on a website that is outdated, less than professional or does not make them feel welcome or within 3 seconds, they will leave.

Getting found and making a great online first impression is a winning combination to attracting new and repeat patients.

Step 3

Have a Mobile Presence

The above 2 steps cannot be ignored. They are the foundation to growing a dental practice. However the more aggressive dental practices are taking advantage of the latest mobile technologies.

Today, consumers are demanding innovative resources to make contact, book appointments, learn about special offers through the use of their mobile devices.

Dental mobile apps are the newest method to retain and grow a patient customer base. In addition to a smart communication method, dental mobile apps make it easy for patients to share and spread the word about their experiences with family, friends and associates, thus benefiting from word of mouth marketing.

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