Dental Marketing Vamped Up. Free Dental Mobile APPS a $1480 Savings Offer.

Dental Marketing Vamped Up. Free Dental Mobile APPS a $1480 Savings Offer.

Announcement: Free Dental Marketing Tool Enhances and Grows Patient Loyalty

Dental Marketing firm utilizes innovative search engine and mobile marketing techniques to help dentists stand out from the crowd and build their practices.

The number one reason dental practices fail is due to an insufficient stream of new patients. Today’s fastest dental practices are utilizing the Internet to develop a robust pipeline of new patients. According to Google engineers, the top three search positions capture 80% of the traffic. That means there is keen competition for those top three search results spots among dentists eager to capture referrals from the web.

In addition, research shows that potential patients decide on whether or not to make an appointment within just a matter of seconds based upon the appearance and functionality of the dental website. That means once the potential client clicks through to the website there has to be a visually appealing landing page that’s easy to navigate. For many dentists, they simply don’t have the time or skill set to engage in these sorts of complex dental marketing functions.

Dental Marketing: A Two-Pronged Approach

Dental Business Builder is a niche dental marketing firm specializing in helping new and established dental practices climb the search engine rankings organically, as well as creating aesthetically pleasing websites with excellent conversion rates.

Randi Thornton, Founder and CEO of Dental Business Builder says,

“A two-pronged approach of SEO and an attractive, user friendly website is great for building that patient list. Our team specializes in creating turn-key dental marketing products and services that utilize this effective approach based upon individual client needs.”

Dental SEO

Dental mobile marketing appsDental SEO or Search Engine Optimization for dentists helps with the “findability” problem. Dental SEO ensures the particular website will organically climb through the rankings and result in more traffic to your website.

The old adage of location, location, location is still the same; but instead of dealing with real estate lots it is all about getting that prime spot at the top of the search engine page. 87% of people say they utilize the internet to find service providers such as dentists.

With such heavy usage it’s easy to see why local practices want to be at the top of the page when someone type on “Los Angeles Dentists” into Google.

Missing out on a potential client due to poor search results means missing out on thousands of dollars in potential revenue from the individual and his or her family. And unlike many industries, dental patients are worth a lot of revenue because they typically use the same dentist for years and also will refer their friends and family.

How to Get Found Online with Dental Marketing

The internet is what the Yellow Pages were 20 years ago. Instead of searching through the local phone book, people are using Google or other search engines such as Bing to look for dentists. Because the internet is becoming more localized, it is not necessary to add a location when conducting an internet search. Search engines know where the searcher is located and provides results based upon location.

Thornton goes on to say, “There are over 200 different search ranking factors that Google and others use to determine which dental practice or office is going to be displayed. By implementing ongoing strategic dental marketing best practices, a office location can enjoy top search engine rankings for their target market.”

Dental Websites that Make the Appointment Phone Ring

Getting found online is critical, but it is just the first step. Prospective clients that click on a website that is outdated, unprofessional, unwelcoming or difficult to understand will stay on that page for an average of just 3 seconds. No dentist would want his or her practice to have broken down signage, peeling paint and weeds growing everywhere, but that’s exactly what an unattractive website is equivalent to in the online world.

The foundation of any dental marketing plan should consist of strong dental SEO and a great website. However, the marketing world changes fast because of the advancements in technology. That means mobile marketing functionality is now a key component to the marketing mix as well.

Free Mobile App to Vamp Up Dental Marketing

Grow your dental practice business and become known an industry leader by separating your business from others using robust technologies.

Today’s consumers are using mobile technology to find and utilize services like making contact, booking appointments and receiving special offers.

Powerful dental marketing is using the newest method to enhance exposure and credibility with mobile apps. In addition to being a smart communication channel, dental mobile apps make it easy to increase patient loyalty, provide appointment reminders and help existing patients spread the word to family, friends and associates.

Take Action Today. Get a Special Pre-Launch Savings Opportunity that will Enhance Patient Loyalty.

To celebrate its launch, Dental Business Builder is currently offering clients who choose one of their dental marketing solutions before October 31 2012 a free customized mobile app valued at $1,480. To see and learn more about Dental Business Builder’s mobile apps in action go to

How to Get The Free Custom Dental Mobile App in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Select Dental Marketing Plan

View dental marketing plans here.

Step 2: Take Action

Sign up for dental marketing services at before October 31 2012 and you automatically qualify for our free custom dental mobile app.

Step 3: Sit Back and Relax

Really, it is that simple. Once the dentist chooses the marketing plan the Dental Business Builder team goes into action. A representative will contact the business within 48 hours (typically sooner) to begin the dental marketing campaign and website development. The custom dental app is ready within just 7 business days.

The number one reason dental practices go out of business is due to a lack of patient referrals caused by poor marketing. To take advantage of their special limited time offer with a value of $1,480, go to now.


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