Customized Dental Mobile Apps Tailored to Your Practice with Full Control

Get new patients and retain existing ones with an engaging dental mobile apps that keep your business front and center.

A Beneficial Complete Turn-Key Tool to Grow Your Business

Why Does Your Practice Need Mobile Apps?

The more people you touch – the more clients or patients you will get. Harness the power of online marketing with mobile marketing and gain new and repeat business.

Do you know how fast the mobile industry is growing? Did you know smartphone sales have exceeded PC sales? Did you know your customers expect the mobile experience?

If you are not doing something about this your competition will. Be known as the leader and innovative office amongst your peers and your patients.

Monetize and mobilize your dental business with Dental Mobile Apps that keep you connected with relevant communications by offering engaging content. Separate yourself from your competitors.

Apart from the apparent “Mobile is colossal!” conclusion, what does this mean for your dental business?

Looking forward… mobile will define your dental brand by improving your patient’s experience, retaining current patients and the opportunity to go viral.

Mobile apps and a mobile website is an affordable cutting edge tool to grow your dental practice with:

  • Increase repeat patients
  • Tailored for your practice
  • Hassle -free and easy to use

Powerful Dental Mobile Apps & Features to Grow Your Business

Showcase Your Services

Why you? Highlight your specialities and tell the world what makes your dentist related office better than any other.

All Locations Visible on Maps with GPS

New and existing patients are able to visualize your location(s) with GPS turn by turn directions. Encourage your patients to download your apps to get access to your map feature and make it really easy for them to find you.

Email Photo

Visitors can upload an image of them at your office. Or what about before and after photos for any cosmetic dental work?

Images are powerful. People love to share pictures with their online friends, family and peers which means more people learn about your business.

Tell a Friend

Share. Share. Share.

When you make it simple for your biggest fans to easily share and spread the word about your business they will take action. Word-of-mouth aka tell-a-friend will grow your business by making it easy for your current patients to share and tell their friends, associates, family and co-workers how great you are. Asking for referrals can be awkward. We just turned awkward into suggestivative.

Want to encourage more sharing? We suggest “tell 5 friends… get a free dental cleaning.” Or” get a free dental cleaning… after your fourth visit.” Let your imagination go and get creative with sharing and tell a friend special offers while giving back to those who promote your business.

Image Gallery Tab

Add images to showcase your work. Once again, the power of images can not be overlooked.

If you have patients that fear going to the dentist, display images that reduce those fears. Is your office upbeat and attractive? Add images that instantly identifies your office as a professional place. What about staff images? You own a business, but people relate to people. This alone could determine whether to patient will call your office to make an appointment or someone elses.

One Click Calling

It may sound simple. But the easier you make it for patients to reach you the more likely they are to contact you. When you make it effortless the phone will ring more often.

Fan Page Wall

Create your very own custom branded dental office fan page wall!

Yes… once again it is about images but also about community. Do your patients currently feel part of your dental office community? Do they feel a connection? This tool unifies your office and staff with your patients. After all, we all feel better when we are part of a community that embraces us.

Event Marketing

Do you hold events? If yes, would your attendance double or triple if you could push out event notifications and sign-ups?

Social Media Networking

Link to your social networks such as your office Facebook page and Twitter profile and get more followers and fans and simultaneously build out your social presence. Did you know 40% of social media users access accounts through their mobile devices? Again, it is about making connecting with your practice effortless.

Coupons & Special Offers

Easily create engaging loyalty building – highly customizable coupons and special offers

Stats prove that 28% of customers are likely to return to a business with a modern loyalty program. Important powerful marketing tool to increase revenues. Statistically bring in more customers. Refer 2 friends get… – 3rd dental cleaning appointment is free.

Push Notification

Craft special offers and coupons of any message. Push notifications provide a solution for the highly demanded need to communicate with customers.

Compare this tool to a SMS messaging system that on average could cost $200 plus more monthly. Our push notifications are included with no additional charge. We provide unlimited usage and it is completely free.

QR Codes

QR codes are hot! And the possibilities are endless. Viral marketing happens when you provide engaging tools to interact with your patients.

Custom branding with your logo and your color scheme endorses brand awareness.

Live Updating

Update and/or add fresh content as often as you want to your branded custom dental mobile app. All updates are easy and can be done online but also you will never spend a single extra penny. You have full control with our dental mobile app content management system.

Something Missing?

Does your dental mobile app need a feature not listed above? Contact us and let’s see if we can make it happen for you.

A Lot of Value for a Dental Mobile App

Our dental mobile app is designed as a turnkey solution. Everything is included to grow your dental practice using the latest technologies including hosting plans for the  Iphone, Ipad, Android and html 5 versions.

Our Value Powered Dental Mobile Marketing App Promise

  • We take care of everything from start to finish.
  • Completed within 48 hours.
  • Professionally designed with your custom branding.
  • Analytics included.
  • You can modify, update or add content anytime at no additional cost.
  • We submit your dental mobile app to the Itunes app store and Android marketplace.

Special Dental Mobile App Pricing

One-Time Professional App design and Setup Cost – $1480

Monthly Maintenance and Hosting Cost – $145

Get all of the above plus more. We add new features often and these of course are all included. Your monthly cost will never change even if our pricing goes up. We do reserve the right to change out features as we deem necessary.

How to Get Started

Simply complete form. Hit submit to be taken directly to Paypal for payment information. We will contact you within 24 hours to start building your new custom dental mobile app!

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