Dental Business Builder is an integrated platform of intelligent dental website building tools and dental internet marketing designed to grow your practice online… where your prospective patients search. It’s a hub of simplified solutions to take your business to new levels.

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Your time is precious and we do not want to waste it. Let’s find out together if Dental Business Builder a solution to grow your dental business.

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 1. Do You Want to Grow Dental Business?

Is this you? Have you struggled attracting new patients? Do you want patients to contact you?

It’s no secret. Your prospective patients search for dental services online. I Google, you Google, everyone Google’s today. When someone is in need of your services they will search online to find an office or practice they trust.

What you need to accomplish this…

  • Your website must be optimized (dental SEO) so it appears in the search results when someone searches for your dental related services in close proximity to where they work, live or play..
  • Your website must be professional. It must be updated. It must instantly convey to the visitor that your office is the one they should call to make their appointment.

 2. Are You Tired of Costly Advertising that Does Not Work?

How about… I want a monthly budget that is easy to manage and works. Still on the right track? One more… I want to take charge of my dental business’s future.

We help you grow your dental business, increase your business value plus eliminate costly advertising that does not provide a good return on your investment.

If these thoughts describe your main objectives, Dental Business Builder is ideal for you.

 3. Something Needs to Change but You are Not Sure Where or How to Start.

Resisting to change is common. But we both know, what worked a few years ago (or perhaps last month) does not work today. Abolish traditional (old fashion) approaches, reduce stress and hassle and take control of your dental business in the most cost effective, most effortless way possible.

If you are ready to jump in and make a big impact on the financial future of your dental business, we are here to make it happen.

Grow Dental business with

Who We Are

Dentist Business Builder is a turn-key grow dental business solution with easy to use website builder and an online marketing resource for dentists located within the United States of America.

Founded by Randi Thornton (aka the SEO Google Guru) she has developed strategic online marketing plans for dentists and dental practices (of any related specialty field or business size) to help them grow dental business by increasing online revenues, taking advantage of our modern dental website builder and established Internet marketing techniques.

Two Strategies Wrapped into One Service

Combining the professional themes and website platforms from and was have just created the winning combination for any dentist to grow dental business.

Meet Randi Thornton, Dental Business Builder Founder

In 2004 after being approached by an online industry leader Randi sold them several websites that she had built and SEO optimized herself. Her passion for everything Google and entrepreneurial spirit allowed her to advance on the World Wide Web before it was the popular thing to do.

To further harness her admiration for the vast opportunities the internet had provided her, in 2007 she created the SEO consulting company,

While working with and successfully achieving an online presence for her clients it became apparent to her that the dental industry lacked true professional services to help them become prosperous online. Thus, Dental Business Builder was born.

Knowing how financially valuable an authoritative online presence could be for dental practices, she strived to create a solution that was affordable but did not lack necessary systems and tools to flourish online.

Based on my years of experience and wealth of information, I wanted to provide a turn-key solution for any dental business so they could become financially successful online. Randi Thornton

Grow Dental Business Goals & Yours

Our goal – Bring the future of online dental marketing to dental businesses of all specialties and sizes with easy to use and hassle-free internet marketing solutions. What are your goals?

Who is Dental Business Builder for?

Dental Business Builder enhances any dental practice or clinic’s online presence with dental websites explicitly targeted for any practitioner that specializes in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, braces plus more.

Endodontist, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Oral Pathologist Orthodontist, Pediatric Dentists, Peridontist and Prosthodontist are examples of professionals that have grown their practice using our website builder and website online marketing campaigns.

Why was Dental Business Builder Developed?

It happens all of the time. A dental office hires a website designer and spends thousands of dollars to have a website built. Shortly thereafter they discover their website is not generating new business.


The website is not found online when someone searches for their area of expertise. It is not SEO friendly. Frustration and anxiety sets in. They just discovered that having a website does not mean new patients will find them online.

Optimizing your website as well as including off-site local online marketing techniques will help ensure a truly winning combination. Your online profitability depends on both. You need both for maximum results.

We recognized the frustration and lack of resources hindering the success of dentist who want to grow dental business. By combining an award winning dental website builder with dental SEO eliminates the stress. It also reduces cost, time and stress by using one reliable source to grow your dental business.

Our Promise to You

We will only accept one dental practice or clinic per locale and area of specialty. We work on a first come – first serve basis. As long as you are our clients your spot is secured with us!

“We succeed when your dental business succeeds online with new patients, increased brand awareness and you become the authority source for your targeted geographic areas and specialties.”

  Bottom Line

We like simple. We believe you like simple.

You no longer have to wait for a web designer to make changes to your site. You control your branding and color schemes (or use one of ours which are designed by trendy web designers).  Targeting the exact patients you want by geographic location, neighborhood or community is taken care of with our private dental SEO (search engine optimization) techniques.

Save time, money and hassle. Let us do what we do best so you can do what you do best.

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